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Cause it clearly makes sense.
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Call me Mage-Chan... Or Molly
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm an armature art hobbyist, comic artist and gamer. I specialize in chibi, anime-esque artwork with bright colors and soft shading.

Hobbies: drawing, gaming, I like history, especially ancient history, and mythology.
I'm also interested in social justice and social politics. I'm a feminist/humanist and LGBT member/supporter.
Favorite artists: Humorously enough, Koge Donbo and Vincent Van Gogh XD
Favorite game genres: I have very unusual tastes in games. I pretty much solely like strategy games, because I like strategizing and I'm terrible with hand-eye coordination. I like RPGS, Turn-based strategy and occasionally survival games.
Favorite colors: Purple, red, green. Generally any bright, in your face colors.
Dislikes: Math, general bigotry and hatefulness.


Zelda comic: timing mishap
Oh. My. God.  You have no idea how long I've wanted to make this comic.  I've honestly wanted to comment on this for years but I couldn't figure out how to present it, for one thing there was certainly no way I could do it in 4 panels. Not to mention that drawing any comic is just very time consuming and difficult.  

But anyway, I have always found the time skip in Ocarina of Time to be hilariously illogical.  Okay, so Link can't be the hero of time until he's an adult?  Alright, well I suppose we should train him and prepare him for the day he becomes hero--no?  Just gonna put him to sleep?  O....Kay? 

This whole situation is made all the more hilarious by the fact that because Rauru opened up the door of time to put Link into suspended animation Ganondorf managed to just waltz in there and steal the triforce.  Good job Rauru! You doomed the world for no good reason! Even if there's some arbitrary magic reason that Link couldn't use the master sword until he was an adult, I doubt his mind changed at all while he was asleep, so it makes it feel like putting him to sleep was unnecessary. Like if you're going to wait around for 7 years for him to wake up anyway why not skip the sleeping step entirely and at least train him for 7 years instead?  Save the boy his childhood and a lot of shock?

It's also a good thing Link was already a very smart and capable child, because otherwise having a hero that's a child's mind in the body of an adult might have been a little troublesome.   It's kinda hilarious to imagine Link like that. XD 

Anyway, I spent a long time actually trying to figure out what character to use to confront Rauru.  Link can't talk, and I suppose I could have used Navi, but I went with Ruto literally just because I wanted to draw Ruto. XD And also because people tend to portray her as stupid, and I personally don't think that's the case, she seems like a rather clever women to me.  Rather bratty, yes, but clever. 

Zelda (c) Nintendo.
Amino is a series of mass social networking apps on mobile phone.  There's different ones for different hobbies.  I just made myself profiles on Pokemon Amino, Anime Amino, Video Game Amino and Art Amino so if anyone has any of those apps and wants to be friends please tell me and I'll follow you. ^^
  • Listening to: weird Japanese songs usually
  • Reading: fanfics usually
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Pokemon X and Y
  • Drinking: Water


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